My Tomoka app and web service

It’s easy to connect now with Tomoka Christian either on your mobile phone or computer with My Tomoka, a new service that puts important church resources at your fingertips. Those who log in to My Tomoka can easily:

  1. Check in children for their activities. No more waiting in line because My Tomoka on your phone is like a fast pass on the interstate!
  2. Give via app or computer, and see your giving history 24/7. No need to wait for your statement to be mailed anymore!
  3. View events. Sign-ups for big events will be added soon!
  4. Watch and listen to sermons. Catch up on messages you missed, at your convenience!

Create an account today, then log in and explore My Tomoka in one of two ways: Either on the mobile app (click on your app icon) or on your computer (log in above). Please use the same email account you already use to receive your church emails, as this becomes your own unique identifier and makes all resources immediately available to you as soon as you log in.


Got a My Tomoka question? Visit the My Tomoka kiosk in the church lobby this weekend, or contact Christina Moore.